The acacia honey is very clear.  If it hasn’t been mixed with other floral sources, it will look like liquid glass, very exquisite indeed. It has a mild, sweet, floral flavor, and is, therefore, one of the most popular honey varieties. It is a good choice for mixing with beverages because it sweetens without changing the taste of the drink. It is also an excellent choice for cooking because of its mild flavor and because it mixes easily in liquids and batters.  It has hints of vanilla flavor and no aftertaste.

Product Description

Available in jars and bulk honey in drums

Nutritional value per 100g

Energy value – 314 kcal
Cholesterol – 0,0g
Fat – 0,0g
Carbohydrates – 30g
Proteins – 0,35g

B, C, A, D, E, K
Storage temperature – 24°
Shelf life – 24 months


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