Apifera started with a small family business, which for already 3 generations is fully didecated to beekeeping. Due to the fact that apiary is located in Codrii Moldovei region, where the plants are protected from pollutants, Apifera honey is 100% natural.
From last year we decided to expand the bussiness and we equipped the company with the latest technology for homogenization, processing and packaging of honey, also we hold all necessary sanitary and veterinary cetificates and meets all requirements for the export on the EU market as well as to other destinations.
Our annual precessing capacity is about 500 tons per year or monthly 30-45 tones. We offer bulk honey available in 300 kg containers and bottled honey in jars.
Apifera works with other beekeepers from Republic of Moldova and today we have a broad network of large and mid-size beekeepers. We carefully select our suppliers to ensure we can deliver the highest quality honey with flavor profiles for every palate.